Kaye Family Tree

Revision Date:March 2003

At present, my family tree contains 1,905 individuals. The ten most common names and a list of all the names have been extracted from my database. If you are interested in further details contact me by e-mail.

The oldest ancestors in my family tree are:

There are a total of 635 descendents in 11 generations of this couple in my family tree.

The Kayes span a period of nearly 300 hundred years. Highlights of this are detailed in the Kaye Family History. All of these individuals are direct descendants of Joannis Kaye and Anna Moite.

401 Kaye Births by Location

Revision Date:January 2002

The oldest ancestor of the Kayes in my family tree is Joannis Kaye who married in Hamme (present day Hamme-Mille) in 1722. However, I have not been able to determine where he was born.

I have included all of the Kayes that I have found in the following table. In some of the Kayes born in Belgium, I have not been able to trace them to Joannis Kaye. I am concentrating my research on these individuals in the hope of finding where Joannis Kaye was orginally from.

The births in USA and Canada are descendants of Joannis Kaye which emigrated from Belgium.

Location Number of Occurences Earliest Birth
Anderlecht, Belgium 1 1893
Aye, Belgium 1 1947
Barvaux, Namur, Belgium 12 1661
Beauvechain, Brabant, Belgium 1 1627
Bonlez, Belgium 13 1854
Braine Le Château, Belgium 1 1934
Brussels, Belgium 1 1947
Chaumont Gistoux, Belgium 1 1924
Dinant, Belgium 5 1971
Gottechain, Belgium 1 1912
Grez-Doiceau (or Grez), Brabant, Belgium 4 1783
Hamme-Mille (or Hamme), Brabant, Belgium 98 1723
Hougarden, Belgium 1 1754
Louvain, Brabant, Belgium 1 1921
Mettet, Belgium 1 ?
Nethen, Brabant, Belgium 2 1826
Opveld, Belgium 1 1894
Theux, Liege, Belgium 13 1844
Tohogne, Luxembourg, Belgium 2 1814
Verviers, Liege, Belgium 1 1918
Vilvoorde, Belgium 2 1930
Other (Belgium) 4 1856
Canada 3 x
Germany 2 1998
USA - Wisconsin 31 x
USA - Others 13 x
Unknown / Unconfirmed 260 -

Geographic Distribution of Names in Belgium

Maps for each of the following names (number of individuals) are stored using the GIF format and range from 5 to 10 KB. These maps were created using Geonome's Internet Site (The site does not exist anymore.) and are shown here with their permission. Data for these maps was extracted from the phone directory published on the 1996 edition of the Infobel CD-ROM.

Note: Using Geonome 93 Kayes were identified as shown in the geographic distribution. However, when searching for the name K-A-Y-E on Infobel's website, a total of 130 names were found including all names which begin with K-A-Y-E. The actual number of Kayes was 86.

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