Belgium in Pictures

Belgium in Pictures is a collection of pictures that I have taken during my visits to Belgium. I have tried to photograph cities which frequently occur in my family tree. Belgium in Pictures lists all of the individual pictures. I have also included all of the pictures for a given city under the name of that city. All of the pictures were taken with a digital camera using a resolution of 640x480. For use on my internet site most of the pictures were reduced to a resolution of 320x240. Some were cropped and as a result the resolution may be less.

Grez-Doiceau, Brabant

Grerz-Doiceau was formed by joining the two villages of Grez and Doiceau. The center of Grez-Doiceau is actaully the old village of Grez.

Hamme-Mille, Brabant

Hamme-Mille was formed by joining the two villages of Hamme and Mille. The center of Hamme-Mille is actaully the old village of Hamme.

Barvaux-Condroz, Namur

The center of Barvaux-Condroz is located at a four way intersection. One the road leading out of the intersection is for local traffic only.

Méan, Namur

There is a single main road leading into Méan. We parked in front of the church which is across the street from the cemetary.

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